HR management for successful employees

The talents, skills and commitment of employees are among your company’s most valuable assets. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent enables you to put people first in the digital transformation and to provide optimum support for your personnel with an innovative HR management process.

Dynamics 365 for Talent covers all HR management tasks, from the recruiting process to onboarding to continuing education and career management through to the integrated analysis and evaluation of your HR processes.

HR management for successful employees

Dynamics 365 for Talent Overview

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Recruiting and onboarding

Find the right candidates quickly

Dynamics 365 for Talent allows you to prepare precise personal profiles, ensure a transparent application process and improve the basis on which you make decisions when choosing the right candidates.

Find the right candidates

Find the right candidates

Create precise candidate profiles and find qualified employees using an innovative acquisition process.

  • 360° candidate view of potential employees, their skills and experience
  • Integration in Office 365 for collaboration with the respective departments
  • Transparency in the entire recruiting process
Plan interviews

Plan interviews

Plan individual and group interviews quickly with automated planning and notifications.

  • Automated appointments and tasks for all hiring process participants
  • Direct access to applicant information
  • Faster and more intelligent hiring decisions
Collaborate in real time

Collaborate in real time

Keep all participants up to date during the application process.

  • Optimised processes for candidates, hiring managers and HR
  • Administration of forms and documents for job interviews
  • Integration of Outlook with Office 365

Welcome new employees

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent enables a seamless onboarding experience that boosts the productivity of new hires and accelerates their business impact. Make new employees feel welcome and help them quickly become a member of your company’s community.

Connect and network

Connect and network

Support new employees and existing teams.

  • Networking of new employees and teams with onboarding template on LinkedIn
  • Fast delivery, training and approval of resources for rapid identification with the company
  • Clear representation of teams and departments for fast familiarisation with company structures
Optimise the start-up phase

Optimise the start-up phase

Ensure successful entry into your company.

  • Information centre with all important contacts and resources
  • Personalised checklists and training plans
  • Automated notifications for trainers, mentors and training participants
Plan career paths

Plan career paths

Shape career objectives in cooperation with your employees.

  • Full transparency for fast corrective actions
  • Status overview of productivity
  • Continuous feedback in real time
Measure progress

Measure progress

Enable your employees to proactively follow their own progress.

  • Straightforward administration of employee performance, target setting and performance agreements
  • Real-time feedback for ongoing improvement of collaboration
  • Overview of development goals that have been reached and are pending

HR Management

Design efficient core HRM processes

Dynamics 365 for Talent enables you to boost and optimise the potential of your employees while making administrative processes less complicated. Benefit from a better overview of all relevant information and make your HR management structures considerably more effective.

Adapt organisational structures

Adapt organisational structures

Establish transparency and react to changes with flexibility.

  • Flexible administration of line and matrix organisational structures
  • Freely definable hierarchy types
  • Clear wage and salary structures
Manage HR data

Manage HR data

Maintain an overview of all important information.

  • Manage employee data such as positions, training and fields of responsibility
  • Check work permits and visas
  • Easily record absences and working hours
Mobile collaboration

Mobile collaboration

Optimise your HR processes with the self-service HR feature.

  • Manage your own profile on a PC, tablet or smartphone
  • Mobile access to key HR tasks
  • Straightforward and intuitive processing of recurring tasks
Evaluate and analyse HR data

Evaluate and analyse HR data

Use the integrated functions of Power BI for informative reports and analyses.

  • Platform-independent, informative evaluations
  • Ready-made dashboards to analyse the key HR indicators
  • Straightforward reporting thanks to the integration of Power-BI in Office 365

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