More time for the customer

The sales productivity solution enables your sales team to focus effectively on the customer, quickly identify leads that have the greatest potential, and network more easily with colleagues in order to facilitate central sales activities together.

The sales management team easily keeps up to date on all important indicators, is able to manage the pipeline more effectively and can inspire teams to give their best performance to successfully pursue sales opportunities.

Sales productivity solutions pay off at the top management level as well: The persons responsible gain insights into the state of and developments relating to the sales organisation and can thereby consistently make well-informed decisions.

More time for the customer

Your benefits

Cost-effective business expansion

Cost-effective business expansion

Use the integrated digital intelligence and automated business processes to boost sales.

  • Gain new customers and support existing ones with personalised sales processes.
  • Train new employees quickly so they can sell effectively from the outset.
  • Analyse your sales figures and identify the right indicators for the future.
Stay focused, sell more

Stay focused, sell more

Improve the performance of your sales team by reducing distractions and helping the team focus on the essentials.

  • Identify promising prospects and customers.
  • Make well-informed, strategic decisions on the basis of digital intelligence.
  • Offer training for individual sales colleagues as needed.
Work more intelligently, accomplish more

Work more intelligently, accomplish more

Close transactions more quickly – by working productively and more collaboratively and by implementing context-specific insights from your sales solution.

  • Put together an effective sales team to facilitate collaboration when pursuing strategic deals.
  • Personalise every interaction in the customer journey.
  • Make sure that your sales staff can work effectively anywhere and anytime.

Customer Journey

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