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The ERP market has become crowded and confusing in recent years, and finding the right business software for your company can be a real challenge: unless you have the right guidance. Our extensive experience and industry expertise allows us to provide you with comprehensive support during the software selection process so that you can find the perfect ERP solution quickly and easily.

From our perspective, the process of selecting and implementing business software solutions and putting these into operation is far too complex to represent in a single, central master plan. That is why we count on agile methods already during the software selection process in order to evaluate the best solution step by step in cooperation with our clients.

From analysis...

For projects involving the selection of business software, we start by analysing and documenting all business/key processes. The business process model describes the essential criteria in this phase regarding processes that are crucial for success. This phase is dedicated much more to describing the key areas based on the industry and the client’s unique situation rather than to documenting the detailed functional requirements. a description of the solution...

The process analyses result in scenario documents that describe business processes verbally and graphically. Functional requirements for the software solution are documented from a macro perspective. These documents and a description of the solution developed with you serve as the basis for making offers, conducting workshops and preparing prototypes. software selection

As a partner with the highest certification levels from the software providers Microsoft, Infor and Qlik, we have a comprehensive product portfolio that can meet the requirements of your business. We would be happy to provide you with an offer for the agile implementation of our solutions – in line with our principle of providing everything from a single source. In doing so, we start with the implementation of a specific initial software and process model release. The result of this initial project phase enables you to evaluate our performance in regards to consulting and development expertise as well as the standard functionality of the chosen products.

Software evaluation

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