Business process analysis

Prozessoptimierung vor der Implementierung

We want you to get as much out of your ERP project as possible. That’s why we don’t just concentrate on implementing ERP software solutions; we prioritise the analysis, optimisation and simplification of business processes. For this reason, we offer you a detailed analysis of your business processes as early as before or during the software evaluation phase. You can use this analysis as the basis for making a decision about which business software your company will implement in the future.

Concentration on mission-critical business processes

We work closely with you to develop process models for some or all of your business/key processes; our main focus is on the detailed processes that are critical for your company’s success. Based on verbal and graphical representations of your main/detailed processes, we identify potential for improvement, from which we are able to derive cost-cutting measures. In an individually tailored solution concept, we define the functional requirements of your future ERP system for each process.

Business process analysis

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