Implement software successfully

eagle pm – our agile project method

Building on our expertise in numerous national and international projects, we’ve developed proven process models for the implementation of business software solutions that are particularly tailored to meet the needs of mid-sized companies.

eagle pm – our agile projekt method

Our project method eagle pm combines elements from various agile approaches with our decades of experience in ERP implementation. The advantages of eagle pm include more precise planning of project durations, increased transparency and greater customer involvement, among many others.

The project controlling tools that eagle pm provides ensure that your project will stay within budget and be ready to go live by the deadline. A Microsoft SharePoint-based project management tool developed by terna is available as part of our methodology. All project participants – from the management to the key users – always have an overview of the current project status.

Transparency in every area of your project

As early as the selection phase, we work together with you to start developing an integrated solution. The increased involvement of the customer in designing the solution and the implementation of the solution directly in the ERP system guarantees a constant overview of progress, costs and quality of the project. The individual development cycles are regularly consolidated in an ongoing release and enable the look and feel of your new ERP system right from the start.

Your benefits

  • Full integration of the selection phase and reduction of transfer intersections
  • More precise planning of project durations
  • Measurable and integrated intermediate steps through builds and releases
  • Immediate integration of the customer in the solution design
Implement software successfully

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