BE-terna Service Center

People define partnerships. We work with you to find solutions on the phone, via screen sharing or directly on site. You have the challenge; we have the solution. This is how our successful human to human service center operation works as we serve as a contact for:

  • Sub-projects – from implementing a module to supplementary software solutions through to code and performance audits or license checks
  • Requests regarding topics from assets accounting, service, sales, logistics, production and project management through to time recording
  • Adaptations and version updates for your ERP, CRM, BI and IT systems
  • Rapid processing of defects, hotfixes or change requests
  • Use of new technologies such as IoT, machine learning and AI
BE-terna Service Center
 +41 41 414 28 99
 +43 512 362 060 555
 +49 7721 2029 299

Ticket system for existing clients:

Six-point plan for an orderly transition to the Service Centre

The Service Centre acts as the central hub for all topics. We guarantee response times in accordance with the urgency of your request. We handle the routing and a specialist employee competently and reliably handles the processing.

Communication is transparent and comprehensible at all times.In order to help you start your Service Centre experience as easily as possible, we will gladly prepare a tailor-made plan for your company and discuss the details of operational processing with you personally.

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