Microsoft Business Intelligence

Microsoft’s BI solutions combine flexibility and user-friendliness with a high-performance infrastructure. With our data warehouse solutions and Power BI, you can gain detailed insights into your business data, improve report generation and maximise the performance of your ERP solution. Predefined data cubes and role-based business intelligence ensure that your employees receive the information they need in order to recognise critical business issues and respond to them with suitable measures.

Modern Data Warehouse and Big Data

Mass data versus big data

The volume of data available to your company keeps on growing. This also increases the pressure to consider and use this data in decision-making processes. Much of this data is located in different systems and has a heterogeneous structure or is of poor quality. We call mass data of this kind big data.

Structured mass data thanks to the data warehouse

In order to master this situation in your company, you need a system that transforms this data into actual information and provides it to your decision-makers in a comprehensible form. In short, you need a data warehouse.

We as a leading BI provider focus on solutions involving various generations of the Microsoft SQL server in order to give you a head start with our data warehouse solutions.

Your benefits

  • Agile DWH development
  • Parallelisation of data processing
  • Master data management
  • On-premise, cloud, Azure and hybrid solutions
  • Operational analytics
  • Predictive analytics
Mass data versus big data

Microsoft Power BI

All data, anywhere, anytime

Microsoft Power BI is a collection of features and services that help you visualise data, share insights and collaborate in new, intuitive ways. Microsoft Power BI for Office 365 provides a self-service business intelligence (BI) infrastructure for your entire organisation, combining the shared use of data sources, a dashboard, reporting services, online collaboration and the IT infrastructure in a comprehensive package.

Power BI offers a cloud-based user interface that allows you to clearly visualise your key business data. Monitor the integrity of your business with an up-to-date dashboard, prepare comprehensive interactive reports and access your data on the go using mobile apps integrated into the system.

Your benefits



Power BI allows you to collect financial data very easily and analyse it quickly using drag and drop.

  • Financial position
  • Sales revenues and profitability
  • Management of investment costs
  • Task management


Analyse your sales pipeline in real time using data from your ERP and CRM systems.

  • Target management
  • Trend identification
  • Sales performance
  • Pipeline reports


Gain new insights into your production process, the performance of branches, receivables analysis and more.

  • Real-time analysis of production data
  • Comprehensive analysis of branches
  • Ongoing inventory control


BI directly in the ERP system

ERP systems are designed to store large volumes of data. However, the right form of networking, analysis as well as reporting on the analysis are required in order to gain information in a structured manner. BE-terna developed BE-Analytics in order to give you a head start by passing on to you our industry expertise.

The solution is based on a Microsoft data warehouse – an information hub that adapts to the requirements of your company in a flexible and scalable manner. Even complex requirements can be easily met efficiently thanks to the versatile application and implementation options of the current SQL server generation.

The operation of BE-Analytics can also be mapped in the cloud, either as a managed service or SaaS. This in turn helps you develop your business in a dynamic manner.

BI directly in the ERP system
Your profit

Your profit

Make the right decisions faster

  • Standardised analyses based on Dynamics 365 for Operations and Dynamics NAV 2017
  • Automated report preparation and processes
  • Lower costs for the BI implementation
  • Single point of truth
  • ERP live? --> BI live!
Your benefits

Your benefits

Well-structured data and ease of use

  • End user access: Power BI, reporting services or conventional Excel
  • Flexible and modern DWH architecture streamlined for greater performance
  • Operation at the location of your source systems (cloud versus on-premise)
  • Quick and easy setup of analysis views and reports
  • Access via the Microsoft Excel pivot functions
  • Low support effort and little need for training
  • Little customisation required
  • Preparation of timely and precise analyses and reports
Your content

Your content

Turn your ERP system into a knowledge database

  • Sales analyses (shopping cart, POS, demographic analyses, sales floor profitability)
  • Purchasing analyses
  • Inventory management
  • Financial accounting and controlling
  • Production
  • Logistics and transportation


Seamless integration between SAP and SSIS

Seamless integration between your mySAP or SAP BW system and SQL Server Integration Services. Extract mass data with just a few mouse clicks and ensure excellent performance and stability. The Xtract IS component suite offers you nine different components for the SQL Server Integration Services, covering the full range of data extraction from SAP. Model your data flows in a type-safe manner with full metadata support as well as a graphical editor.

Your benefits

  • Based on SAP-certified technology*
  • Minimal to no intervention in the SAP system
  • Fast installation and configuration
  • Quick, uncomplicated and user-friendly; no programming skills required
  • Independent across all modules
  • Fully type safe with full metadata support
  • Business logic available
  • Robust, standardised procedure for incremental loading (delta logic)
  • Seamless integration in both directions
  • Cost saving thanks to optimum integration and no frictional losses

* ERPConnect is an SAP-certified product that forms the core of all products. It is responsible for the connection to the SAP system.

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