Better decisions with faster processes

The complex market conditions that we see in the wholesale industry today demand that we make all of our business processes more efficient. Doing so requires modern software systems.

Our solution: BE-Trade

BE-Trade is an industry solution that helps you to automate and optimise your business processes. BE-Trade provides you with an up-to-date overview of your entire process chain at all times, allowing you to conduct precise analyses and make quick decisions.

From order throughput times, inventories, capacities and return management through to honouring delivery dates – all processes in complex structures receive clear and precise support.

Our e-commerce solutions ensure efficient collaboration with customers and suppliers. The automated, electronic exchange of data and documents makes processes even faster.

Better decisions with faster processes

Your benefits



  • EDI connection
  • Chaotic storage management
  • Incoming goods inspection,
  • Supplier evaluation
  • Claims processing
  • Highly flexible pricing to illustrate scales, discounts, promotions, etc.
  • Returns and warranty management with analyses
  • Customs processing
  • Integration of parcel services suppliers
Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing

  • Newsletter integration
  • Integrated web shop/integration of existing web shop
  • Catalogue connection
  • Voucher management
  • Advertising material management
  • Credit check
Service and support

Service and support

  • Computer telephone integration (CTI)
  • Callcenter
  • Online package tracking
  • Information cockpit für immediate customer information

Case Studies

Our case studies are solely in German. If you want specific informations on one of our case studies, please feel free to contact us.

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