Future-oriented high-tech production

Optimise processes – Cut costs

Every day, high-tech companies have to face the manifold challenges presented by a particularly volatile market. In nearly all segments of the industry, there are specific challenges to tackle. Extremely short innovation cycles, volatile prices for raw materials and increasingly tough competition from Asia are the typical characteristics of the market environment in which high-tech companies operate. Large investments in research and development mean all business processes need to become even more efficient.

Our solution: BE-Production

Our BE-Production industry solution gives you an overview of all of your company’s business processes, regardless of country, location, currency or language. The ability to always have a precise overview of production levels, efficiency, inventory and employees throughout your entire global organisation can be a decisive factor in your company’s profitability and may determine its viability in the long term.


Tailor-made master data structures

Tailor-made master data structures

Use the integrated product/version configurator to manage your entire configuration process, from the quote, to construction, through to manufacturing. Intelligent master data management enables company-wide, sustainable and consistent management of your master data. Comprehensive functions to manage bills of materials (BOMs) complement our industry solution.

More efficient planning

More efficient planning

Use the graphical requirements planning in BE-Production to ensure greater transparency and security for complex tasks. Self-learning technologies are integrated into our innovative solutions, which allows you to plan far into the future on the basis of past values. This in turn enables you to quickly create reliable forecasts and sales planning.

Simpler procurement process

Simpler procurement process

The integrated supplier portal helps you simplify your procurement processes and optimise cooperation with your suppliers. Tools such as supplier evaluation assist you with ongoing management of your supplier relationships as well as with securing your quality standards.

Real-time overview over production

Real-time overview over production

Always maintain an overview of your production, which allows you to make the right decisions at the right times. The graphical control console enables you to see throughput times and inventories at a glance and quickly get a handle on deviations. Thanks to flexible operational data recording, your operational data is always directly available in the ERP system.

International finance management

International finance management

Internationally operating companies need to carry out company-wide accounting, which is complicated by the wide range of accounting procedures, tax rates and invoicing formats this may involve. Dynamics 365 uses a master account framework that enables centralised accounting and can be adapted to the national regulations at each location through local, country-specific parameterised accounts.

Fully integrated BI platform

Fully integrated BI platform

BE-Production allows you to carry out analyses and evaluations directly in the ERP system: Microsoft Power BI provides a self-service business intelligence (BI) infrastructure for your entire organisation, combining the shared use of data sources, dashboards, reporting services and online collaboration in a comprehensive package.


Organisational management

Organisational management

Take your company further on an international level

  • Multi-company/multi-currency
  • Inter-company
  • Organisational administration (positions...)
  • International accounting (UGB, IFRS, US-GAAP)
  • e-balance sheet
  • Integrated assets accounting
  • Cost accounting
  • Budgeting
Supply chain management

Supply chain management

Always keep an eye on your value chain

  • Product configuration
  • BOM management
  • Global and local master data
  • Transport management
  • Multi-warehouse management
  • Flexible storage management
  • Mobile bar code solution
  • Consignment warehouse management


Real-time overview of the entire manufacturing process

  • Graphical requirements planning
  • Graphical production planning
  • Sales planning
  • Kanban
  • Forecasts
  • Operational data recording
  • External processing
  • Internal service/maintenance
Project management

Project management

Seamless processing of your contract manufacturing

  • Project structure plans
  • Project settlement and invoicing
  • Resource planning
  • Project time recording
  • MS project integration

BE-Production CRM

CRM in the high-tech industry

Innovation meets customer orientation

Companies that specialise in the production of high-tech products are leading many market segments around the world. Maintaining a high degree of innovation and pursuing customer-oriented company strategies help these companies secure advantages over global competition and tap new sources of revenue.

Sustainable growth calls for transforming from a product-oriented company into one with a customer-oriented corporate culture.

Our solution: BE-Production CRM

  • Lower costs and boost efficiency
    Acquire information more quickly within the customer-oriented sales and service organisation
  • Map customer-related processes
    Provide optimised, customised customer support and fulfil customer requests through a centralised database available company-wide, as well as coordinated workflows
  • Collaboration across departments and locations
    Seamless interlinking of sales, marketing and service across countries to maintain customer loyalty and tap new markets
CRM in the high-tech industry





Satisfied customers thanks to optimal sales support

  • Customer and contact management
  • Customer classifications and evaluation
  • Sales region determination
  • Lead/sales opportunity management
  • Customer visit reports
  • Quote management
  • System information (installed base)
  • Competitor information
  • Document management
  • Key account management
  • Mobile CRM apps
  • 360° customer dashboards
  • KPI performance dashboards
  • Social media monitoring and lead handling
  • CRM and LinkedIn integration (optional)
  • ERP data integration (optional)
  • Data quality management (optional)


Satisfying customer experiences in all channels

  • Target group segmentation
  • Campaign design and activities
  • Lead-to-opportunity process
  • Marketing automation
  • Campaign response handling
  • Social media and brand monitoring
  • E-mail marketing integration (optional)
  • KPI performance dashboards


Perfectly planned field service

  • Complaints and queries (workflow management)
  • Knowledge base management
  • 360° view of installed basis at customer premises
  • Maintenance agreements
  • Graphical deployment planning for service technicians
  • Mobile time and material recording by service technicians (offline)
  • Social media monitoring and service request handling
  • KPI performance dashboards



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10/02/2018 · Innsbruck

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End of Support von Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009

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