For wholesale/logistics

  • Storing position assignment and information
  • Receipt/issue of goods
  • Purchase journal recording
  • Replenishment processing, transport medium assignment
  • Route-optimised pre-order picking
  • Free order picking
  • Inventory corrections
  • Transfer postings in storage areas
  • Physical inventory
  • Recording of differences

For retail/sales

  • Extended item information (availability by storage locations, statistics, images)
  • Price changes
  • Label reprinting
  • Warehouse requirements
  • Stock Transfers
  • Returns
  • Physical inventory
  • ‘Tourism of goods’
  • Goods Management
  • Customer orders




Application can be used on all mobile devices

BE-Mobile is platform-independent. This means you can use the application on all mobile devices, including ones made by Apple, Android and Windows. The only requirement is that devices must be Internet capable.

User rights

User rights

Individual configuration

BE-Mobile lets you configure user rights individually. For example, specific users or groups can be authorised for certain areas only.

Use of internal ERP functions

Use of internal ERP functions

Central management of functions and content

No direct access to SQL data. The functions and content are centrally managed, ensuring the consistency of data and processes.

Straightforward updates

Straightforward updates

Centralised updates and maintenance

With BE-Mobile, updates are implemented only once in a central location. Then the new version is immediately available on all mobile devices – no matter how many there are.


Our support team quickly offers expert help whenever you need assistance:


Service-Hotline BE-Mobile

Tel +49 34297 648 0


We can connect to your device, or you can see our screen using TeamViewer. No installation is required. When you call our support line, please launch the program and provide our employees with the displayed ID and password.

BE-terna remote support: TeamViewer Quick Support Modul

Lifecycle Support

LifeCycle Support provides you with clear, fixed product support guidelines – from the release of the product to the end of the product life cycle.

Information about the available product support helps you better manage your IT investments and simplifies your IT planning.

  • Hotline/update/maintenance
  • Update/maintenance
  • Hotline
  • Update
  • Maintenance

Microsoft Dynamics NAV and BE-Mobile product roadmap

The BE-Mobile add-on follows the release cycle and release planning of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. As each new version becomes available, BE-terna updates BE-Mobile and offers a new version after it passes the quality test. In this way, our customers can always choose the latest features and improvements of the base product NAV.

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