Regarding software the chemistry has to be right

In order to stay competitive, companies in the chemical industry constantly need to work toward reducing their process costs, improving their delivery capacity and flexibility and adhering to a deluge of governmental regulations..

Many companies in the chemical industry are also confronted with heterogeneous production conditions - such as a combination of process and discrete manufacturing. They also need to be able to completely trace all of their materials from the moment they arrive at the company’s facilities to their final delivery to the customer.

Quality management, rapid development cycles, regulation management, safety management and environmental protection are just a few of the major areas where companies in the chemical industry will need to find future-oriented solutions.

Our solutions: BE-Chemicals

BE-Chemicals provides the tools that companies need to reduce their process costs, consistently meet regulations and make optimum use of their existing resources.

The numerous country and language versions that BE-Chemicals offers make it ideal for companies who operate in an international environment. A wide range of industry-specific functions, high customisability and system flexibility make BE-Chemicals an efficient solution for the chemical industry.

Regarding software the chemistry has to be right

Your benefits

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Increased transparency along the entire supply chain

    • Hazardous goods/substance management
    • Complete batch traceability
    • Integrated quality managemen
    • Mobile logistics
    • Transport planning 
    • Packaging management and labelling
Integration of ChemGes

Integration of ChemGes

A good grip on regulation and security management

    • Raw materials database
    • Preparation database
    • Safety data sheets
    • Labels
    • Operating instructions

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Highest Quality and continuous documentation for the process industry

    • Formula management
    • Recipe-oriented manufacturing
    • Co-products and by-products
    • LIMS and scales connection
    • Minimum shelf life and discontinued items
    • Batch management
Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing

Satisfied customers thanks to optimised sales processes

    • Prices and conditions
    • Promotion management and special offers
    • Bonus and commission processing
    • Mobility in field sales
    • EDI standards

Case Studies

Gebrüder Dorfner GmbH & Co. KG

Dorfner-Gruppe setzte mit BE-terna ein internationales ERP-Projekt auf Basis von Microsoft Dynamics AX erfolgreich um.

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hollu Systemhygiene GmbH

Am 1. April 2015 erfolgte bei hollu Systemhygiene GmbH der Echtstart mit Microsoft Dynamics AX. An allen sieben Standorten in Österreich arbeiten nun insgesamt 175 Anwender mit der modernen und international erfolgreichen Unternehmenssoftware aus dem Hause Microsoft.

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