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Smooth collaboration and transparent processes

Automotive suppliers work with blanket orders, which are processed as call-off orders and JIT orders. Figures are kept on cumulative delivered quantities to maintain on overview of deliveries that have been made. Delivery slips, transport data, invoices and credit note procedures are exchanged via EDI.

Our solution: BE-Automotive

BE-Automotive maps all common business processes used by suppliers, including ones that involve suppliers and manufacturers as well as ones that involve various suppliers (first-, second- and third-tier). Modules for order processing, production, logistics and procurement can be used, depending on the respective requirements.

Recommendations made by the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA; Verband der Automobilindustrie) lay the groundwork for exchanging data using BE-Automotive. Automotive suppliers’ special needs regarding formats used for data exchange, whether these be VDA, Odette or EDIFACT, are also taken into account. On a physical level, the partners exchanging data are connected via converters. The integrated EDI solution provides optimal support for users.

The 'engine' to drive your success


Order processing

Order processing

Smooth collaboration thanks to the integration of VDA and EDIFACT formats as well as OEM-specific processes

  • All common VDA and EDIFACT formats, as well as additional messaging formats, are processed by an integrated EDI converter. 
  • Formats required by OEMs such as VW or Mercedes are already supported; these include VDA 4984, VDA 4987 etc.
  • Non-automotive formats are also supported (ORDERS, ORDERSP).
  • OEM-specific processes such as PUS (Opel), PUO (Valeo), time slicing (Porsche), TSB (VW), pearl chain (Audi), trailer loading (MAN) and so on can be processed.
  • When it comes to outgoing goods, logistics applications guarantee automatic carrier loading in keeping with packaging specifications. Inventory reports as well as consignment stock processing, including reports of receipt and dispatch notification (manual or fully automatic), are also supported.
Carrier management

Carrier management

Account holder management keeps you informed as to where your carrier inventories are currently located.

  • A simple reconciliation is carried out at the end of each month with proof of inbound and outbound postings to ensure transparency. This allows carrier loads to be reduced to the greatest possible extent.
  • Packaging specifications for each item and customer can be stored with alternative packaging.
  • Empties are returned when a delivery slip is printed
Dispatch control

Dispatch control

Maintain an overview of all items and deadlines at all times

  • Integrated dispatch control provides your employees with a constant overview of which items need to be delivered in which quantities by a given deadline.
  • BE-Automotive supports volume and weight calculation while simultaneously providing a preview of the required carriers.


Shorten travel times and routes to your suppliers

  • Process orders electronically in keeping with VDA and EDIFACT standards and communicate plan figures to suppliers via call-offs (EDI or paper).
  • 1:1 forwarding to your suppliers allows to you respond flexibly to OEMs’ order planning.
  • Posting the incoming delivery slip via remote data transmission allows you process incoming goods quickly, easily and securely (provided this type of transmission is supported by suppliers).
  • Consignment stock processing is also supported.

BE-Automotive CRM

Shift your sales into high gear

The CRM industry solution for automotive suppliers

As processes involving OEMs, system suppliers, development service providers, subcontractors and so on grow increasingly global and complex, key account management and sales need to take more and more relationships and project information into account. We offer solutions and services to this end that make your individual processes better, faster and more secure:


•  Lower costs and boost efficiency 
   Acquire information more quickly within the customer-oriented sales and service organisation

•  Standardised, centralised contact management
   Reduce maintenance effort and avoid redundancies

•  Key account management and visualizations for relationship networks 
   Cover the entire supply chain

•  Automated reporting 
   Project cockpit based on current sales opportunities and quotes

Shift your sales into high gear

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Market-leading CRM software

Market-leading CRM software

BE-Automotive is based on the high-performance standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM software.

  • A user-friendly interface and close integration with Microsoft Office and Outlook make it easy for users to quickly familiarise themselves with the software and guarantee a high level of user acceptance.
  • High-performance functions for mapping your sales, marketing and service processes
  • Flexible and easy to adapt
  • Optimal integration into your existing system environment 
Key account management

Key account management

Strengthen customer loyalty by providing premium service

  • Predefined dashboards for each customer
  • Graphical display of customer classifications
  • ISO 3166-1 compliant country lists with flexible sales region definition
  • Comparison of customer master data with the ERP system, including mapping of open positions and accumulated revenues
  • Competitor conduct tracked for each customer or project
  • Complete machine file and history include records of competitor devices
  • Most recent active communication can be viewed and evaluated for each customer
  • Unique customer numbers for interested parties
  • Automatic allocation of customer regions by post code or region to various roles such as back office, field service and service 
Activity planning

Activity planning

Always maintain an overview of all your customers’ processes

  • Display of the respective current customer time for various time zones
  • Optimised phone number formatting to support direct dialling on PC or mobile end device
  • Printable output that can be configured by the user to prepare for visits
  • Creation of visit reports with simple and structured recording and distribution in PDF form with simple follow-up distribution
  • Integrated functionality for key account processes with subscription options for contacts
  • Comparison with Outlook optimised and adapted for mobile end devices 
Mapping sales projects

Mapping sales projects

Simplify collaboration with sales and technology departments

  • Map ISO processes with graphical support to control activities
  • Process measurability for series and new part queries
  • Map sales projects including subprojects and sales opportunity hierarchies
  • Centralised documentation of activities and documents
  • Support for APQP processes

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