Bastian: Studies business informatics and works as an Application Engineer

Bastian: Studies business informatics and works as an Application Engineer

3 min read Dec 04, 2020

Bastian has decided for a dual study with BE-terna. In addition to his studies of business informatics he took the chance to work as an Application Engineer at BE-terna in order to combine theory directly with practical experience.

What did you study and why?

I took a dual course of study in Business Information Systems at the Academy of Studies "Glauchau". My passion for information technology and my interest in economic processes were fundamental for my decision. The synergy of these two interests is reflected very well in this course of studies. In addition, the job opportunities for a business information scientist are very variable.

Why did you choose BE-terna as your employer and partner during you dual studies?

A decisive factor in the search for a competent partner was the working environment. It was important for me to find a position in which I can apply both aspects of my studies in practice. At BE-terna I now have the opportunity to prove my knowledge in the field of economics and computer science and to actively participate in projects.

How do your studies help you in your position as an Application Engineer?

During my studies, I am taught the basics of programming and the handling of databases. This knowledge forms a solid basis for an Application Engineer. As an Application Engineer it is important to understand the economic interrelations of an organization. The practical phases at BE-terna enabled me to gain professional experience, which will be very useful for my future profession.

What do you like about your work as an Application Engineer?

First and foremost, I like the variety of work and exciting projects. I also like the fact that there is always something new to learn.

Did you achieve something at BE-terna that makes you especially proud?

Yes, after I finished my studies, I was immediately allowed to support the ERP-Go-Live of a customer as an Application Engineer. This was a very exciting experience and showed the great confidence of my colleagues in my skills.

What do you appreciate most about your employer BE-terna?

The good working atmosphere and the very nice colleagues are my first priority here. I also appreciate FLEXWORK, which allows me to schedule my working hours freely and work from home if I need to.

Why should students and graduates of business informatics consider a dual study program or an entry-level position with BE-terna?

As a student you receive very good supervision and support during the whole study program at BE-terna. I had the chance to examine new technologies and trends in the field of IT when I was deciding on my study thesis. In general, my tasks at BE-terna are very diverse and perfectly complement to the theory I learn during my studies.

What do you like to do in your free time?

In my free time I like to play chess very much and I am active as a youth coach in my chess club. I also love reading and travelling.

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